The following details are a brief description of the forthcoming lectures  from Oct 2019 – to May 2020.

Meetings 7:00/7.30pm at:

“The Forum”, Perkins Engines Co Ltd, Eastfield, Peterborough PE1 5FQ (Access via gate No.4)

THURSDAY 3rd OCTOBER  2019 AGM at 7.00 pm) followed by:
The A1 steam trust P2 Prince of Wales engine.
“Britain’s most powerful recreated steam engine”
Speaker: A1 Locomotive Trust

Presentation will cover the reasons why the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust decided to build the 7th member of the Greseley P2 class steam locomotives, No. 2007, Prince of Wales, including a brief history of the class of locomotive.

The project will demonstrate how the most powerful class of express passenger steam locomotives to operate in the UK can be fully realised. We will use modern computer design and modelling techniques to enable it to deliver its true potential hauling passenger trains at high speed across the national network.

Note that Prince of Wales is a re-creation, not a restoration. 

The construction will be illustrated using original Engineering drawings and the use of new components. Accompanying these illustrations will be a description of the engineering behind the creation of the parts comparing the resources to hand today with those for the original design.

“Fossil fuels”
Fossil fuels are being phased out,how can we heat our homes,and businesses,why change now?
Speaker: Alex Driver,Managing Director Orange House Renewables,Stamford.

The A14 roadworks.
Speaker: Julian Lamb, Project Director
January 2020
No lecture


Thursday 6th February 2020
TheEvolution of Mass Travel and how immigration engineered the modern New york City and founded Triumph Motorcycles
This may confuse you a bit, but people never had cause to travel years ago, unless food ran out, they suffered persecution, or went to war. We travel now mainly for pleasure and this will have to change. The persecution of Jews in Europe was the reason for the great exodus to The New World and to Britian
An involvement with 2 and 4 wheeled vehicles over the past 60 plus years
Speaker Robin Homewood.
Thursday 5th March 2020
“Taking a DUKW to water”
Speaker: David Cowcill.

history of the origins of the DUKW range of amphibious military vehicles and the restoration locally of one particular example in time for the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the  D Day landings, which took place in June 2019,

Thursday 3rd April 2020
“The Werrington rail dive under”
Speaker: Matt Hadden,Senior Project Manager.
Thursday 7th May 2020
Peterborough’s water supply:
The development of the water supply to the Peterborough area.Dealing with the considerably complex infrastructures and water volumes involved,regarding the geography of the area.
Speaker: Simon Banbury – Supply Manager(Grantham WTW)