Once again for the new season, due to the tremendous support of our membership, we have managed to keep our membership fee at £ 8.00, which covers all lectures, on the first Thursday evening,at 7.30pm every month, from October  through to May 

For guests who wish to visit for any of our lectures,the fee will be £2.00 per lecture, and will be collected prior to the start, by a committe member. We are also now linked with the Peterborough U3A, regarding having an engineering activity, for their members to join our society, and also to expand the society activities to include site visits etc.

On a personal note, I look forward to any contributions and ideas from our existing, or prospective new members, in order to develop the website further, and all thoughts and views are welcome. We are also looking for Photographs, and stories from our members, of where they worked etc, which we shall be adding  to the website.